2020 Speakers / Programs

Dec 16 -Holiday Party, election of officers, awards, Sarpy Serenaders Performance

Nov 18 - College ROTC Cadets and their detachment staff

Oct 21 - Don Burman of the Omaha VA Center - CANX due to Coronavirus

Sep  16  -  Bill Williams, Freedom  Flights and Back the Blue - CANX due to Coronavirus

Aug 19 - CANX due to Coronavirus

Jul - No Meeting

Jun 17 - CANX due to Coronavirus

May 20 - CANX due to Coronavirus

Apr 15 - CANX due to Coronovirus

Mar 18 - CANX due to Coronovirus

Feb  19 - Jack Cannon, Director of SAC Museum

Jan  -  No official meeting  

2019 Speakers / Programs

Dec 11 - Holiday Party, election of officers, awards, Sarpy Serenaders performance

Nov 20 - College ROTC Cadets and their detachment staffs

Oct 16 - OPPD  President & CEO Timothy J. Burke

Sep 18 - MOAA Board Chairman, Admiral  Walt Doran

Aug 21 - Congressman Don Bacon

Jul - No meeting

Jun 19 - Pat McVay, the STRATCOM J-7

May 15 - John Winkler, General Manager Papio Natural Resources District

Apr 17 - Dr. Carrie Brown, Defense POW/MIA ACCOUNTING AGENCY

Mar 20 - Steve Jordan, well-known World Herald Reporter, an AF Brat from Bellevue

Feb 20 - Col Dick Purdom  and the B-47 story

DINNER MEETINGS - usually 3rd Wed Nite  at  Anthony’s - 72nd & F

BOARD MEETINGS - 2nd Thr Noon   Bellevue at Special



February 19th

March 18th VIRUS CANX

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October 21st      VIRUS CANX

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April 15th   VIRUS CANX

CALENDAR for 2020

May 20th   VIRUS CANX

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